The Gospel Will Be Preached

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14

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Voodoo priests come to Christ in Haiti

08/08/2011 21:25
Haiti (MNN) ― Recently we told you about a grassroots effort to dedicate Haiti to Christ. According to those who participated, God moved. Pastor Robert Ulysse, a minister in the northwest region of Haiti, says they prayed each day at a different crossroad in the region. According to Ulysse, "After...

30,000 Unite In Fasting, Prayer at The Response

08/08/2011 21:03
Despite protestors who traveled across Texas to picket what they viewed as a hate-based event—and despite the Unitarian church offering its alternative to the controversial event less than four miles away—more than 30,000 saints gathered in Houston’s Reliant Stadium on Saturday for The Response: a...

Perry, at rally: America has forgotten God

08/08/2011 20:19
HOUSTON (BP)--Delivering one of the more explicitly Christian speeches in recent history by a major figure considering a run for the White House, Texas Gov. Rick Perry told more than 30,000 Believers in Houston Aug. 6 that America has "forgotten Who made us" and that God is the nation's "only...

Rick Perry Ignored Critics, Controversy to Hold Historic Prayer Rally

08/07/2011 10:16
Urban Christian News:  Rick Perry has yet to announce a presidential run, but he's made clear that his Christian faith will define it if he does. While most of the announced Republican presidential candidates stumped in Iowa on Saturday ahead of next week's straw poll, Perry designed and took...

The Response: Rick Perry's Prayer Rally Ends with Eye on Young Christians to Lead a Third Great Awakening in America

08/07/2011 09:58
Urban Christian News:  After a long period of music, the band quieted and the crowd broke out into applause as Perry returned to the stage for a closing prayer. He thanked everyone for attending and the organizers--specifically American Family Association head Don Wildmon--for putting on the...
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'Arab unrest signals Messiah's coming'

02/26/2011 12:48
From YNetNews:  Prominent rabbis from the Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox sector have offered their own curious interpretations for the upheaval that is spreading through the Middle East, stating that the events are a clear proof that a higher power is at work.  The cellular portal Haredim,...

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