The Gospel of the Kingdom Will Be Preached

And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. Matthew 24:14

Gospel of the Kingdom Will be Preached Articles

Evangelicals Give Support to Rick Perry

09/24/2011 17:33
UCN:  From media mavens to grassroots activists, conservative Christian leaders are heaping praise on presidential candidate Rick Perry, an early but important show of support from a vital GOP constituency. Initially unimpressed with the 2012 presidential field, some of these evangelicals...

Deliverance Ministry Opens Eyes of Asian Village to Christ

09/23/2011 20:34
Charisma:  Umed had been striving to please his gods for many years. Now, when he needed them, they didn’t answer. Having grown up diligently participating in religious activities, Umed was devoted to his family’s traditional beliefs. At some point in this spiritual darkness, Umed fell...

Iranian Youth Searching for Answers, Open to Gospel

09/21/2011 21:25
Charisma:  As Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is preparing to address the annual United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, a significant number of Iranians—many from a younger generation—are dissatisfied with the status quo and are searching for answers to the issues they face. As a...

Ministry Team Uses Haiti Water Well Project to Spread Gospel

09/21/2011 17:22
Charisma:  Nearly two years after an earthquake shattered Haiti, the country remains fragile. International donors have fallen behind their aid pledges, which threatens to undermine stability and already-slow recovery efforts. There are many bright spots, though. In the country's north,...

Over 2,800 Children Reached with the Gospel

09/19/2011 20:34
UCN: Child Evangelism Fellowship, the largest Christian ministry to children in the world, reports that it reached 2849 children during its week-long Good News Across America campaign in Salt Lake City, Utah, in July of this year. Good News Across America began in 2008 targeting a strategic...
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'Arab unrest signals Messiah's coming'

02/26/2011 12:48
From YNetNews:  Prominent rabbis from the Lithuanian ultra-Orthodox sector have offered their own curious interpretations for the upheaval that is spreading through the Middle East, stating that the events are a clear proof that a higher power is at work.  The cellular portal Haredim,...

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