Famines, Pestilence, and Economic Chaos

Superbug MRSA identified in US wastewater treatment plants

11/06/2012 06:59
"MRSA infections acquired outside of hospital settings – known as community-acquired MRSA or CA-MRSA– are on the rise and can be just as severe as hospital-acquired MRSA. However, we still do not fully understand the potential environmental sources of MRSA or how people in the community come in...

World's Rarest Whale Seen for First Time

11/05/2012 19:16
The world's rarest whale has been spotted for the first time, in New Zealand, where two of the whales stranded themselves. The two spade-toothed beaked whales, a mother and calf, stranded and died on Opape Beach on the North Island of New Zealand, in December 2010. The mother was 17 feet (5.3...

Hospitals put on alert for mutant superbug

11/01/2012 07:22
A PATIENT has fallen ill with a new, more virulent strain of the hospital bug Clostridium difficile (C.diff ) in Scotland for the first time.   inShare   The case is one of the first in Europe involving a new mutation of the bacterium, which has triggered a...

More Than 3 Million People in Guinea Threatened by Trypanosomiasis

10/31/2012 18:23
Home + -   1 miles1 km   More Than 3 Million People in Guinea Threatened by Trypanosomiasis Guinea Severe // Epidemic CONAKRY -- Guinea's Public Health Minister Edouard...

Eurozone unemployment hits new record of 11.6% seeing recession

10/31/2012 10:58
LONDON –  Unemployment in the 17-country eurozone hit a record high of 11.6 percent in September, official figures showed Wednesday, a sign the economy is deteriorating as governments struggle to get a grip on their three-year debt crisis. The rate reported by Eurostat, the EU's statistics...
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Russia's wheat ban hits Egypt hard

Is oil catastrophe fulfillment of Genesis prophecy?

The following video is suggesting a possible link to the disaster due to America's treatment of and separation from Israel. Hal Lindsey, thinks there's a correlation. The video was produced and posted by Carl Gallups of the Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Fla.,

Disappearing Honey Bees Affecting Crops

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