Famines, Pestilence, and Economic Chaos

Deadly superbug in NZ hospitals

10/30/2012 19:36
 A superbug that has killed thousands of people overseas is circulating in New Zealand hospitals, health officials say. The antibiotic resistant intestinal bug - clostridium difficile - can cause mild to severe diarrhoea depending on the strain. It has claimed the lives of thousands of...

Japan seeks to jumpstart economy with fresh cash

10/27/2012 21:48
In an effort to stop falling prices and sagging growth, Japan will pump billions of fresh yen into its economy. The stimulus will mainly target regions hit by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The government of Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda has approved additional spending to the tune 422...

Greek poverty so bad families 'can no longer afford to bury their dead'

10/20/2012 07:10
Vanna Mendaleni is a middle aged Greek woman who until now has not had vehement feelings about the crisis that has engulfed her country. But that changed when the softly spoken undertaker, closing her family-run funeral parlour, joined thousands of protesters on Thursday in a mass outpouring of...

Bugs that Threaten Soybeans Spread Across US States

10/20/2012 06:54
Kudzu bugs and brown marmorated stink bugs have been rapidly spreading across US States. Brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSB) have already been detected in a number of states, up to 38 in total, including every state east of the Mississippi. Kudzu bugs have rapidly spread across eight southeastern...

Europe Has Worst Grape Harvest In Half Century

10/17/2012 15:55
Drought, frost and hail have combined to ravage Europe's wine grape harvest, which in key regions this year will be the smallest in half a century, vintners say. Thierry Coste, an expert with the European Union farmers' union, said Wednesday that France's grape harvest is expected to slump by...
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Russia's wheat ban hits Egypt hard

Is oil catastrophe fulfillment of Genesis prophecy?

The following video is suggesting a possible link to the disaster due to America's treatment of and separation from Israel. Hal Lindsey, thinks there's a correlation. The video was produced and posted by Carl Gallups of the Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, Fla.,

Disappearing Honey Bees Affecting Crops

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