World Economic Collapse: Is This The End?

08/05/2011 09:18

August 2011 is beginning with news of major economic trouble that is negatively affecting stock markets all over the world:

The United States had just a day before raised its debt ceiling bringing a sigh of relief that today has disappeared. They thought that would fix the problem, but economic crises in Europe hit about the same time. This has become a world-wide crisis, and it will take a one world economy approach to bring resolution.

We know that a one-world system is coming, and along with that comes a single monetary solution, and with the ability to take advantage of some great technology, it can all become cashless. The Bible doesn’t clearly say anything like: “And the Antichrist shall create a money system from which all will trade.” But the Bible does come close when it says in Revelation 13:16-17:

He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead. And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name.

Also, back in verse seven the Bible says, “and he was given authority to rule over every tribe and people and language and nation.” Here we see the Antichrist is given authority over separate people-groups and in taking that authority, he brings them together. Only in major crises situations do people willingly relieve autonomy for group benefit—especially when it benefits them singly. An economic crisis is definitely an event that would spur this action. People are so focused on personal wealth and many would do whatever it takes to protect that.

Remember the old Twilight Zone series? Although a lot of weird stuff took place in those old storylines; it’s always the psychological effect and what people are willing to do that was intriguing to watch. When the Antichrist steps up to solve the economic crisis with a one system solution—it’ll be like a Twilight Zone episode that Rod Serling failed to deliver.

Cashless technology is already here:

The software and hardware is here now to make going cashless possible. In fact, it’s already happening.  With this in place, converting to a one world monetary unit will be a cinch. No need to exchange old dollars, pesos, and euros—just let the bank do it and credit it to your bank account.  Lots of expense in printing hard money will go away with the new cashless system. How cool is that? Yes, that is exactly what people will think and say, “This is so cool.”

I can’t say that this present economic crisis is the one that will bring on the Antichrist. But, perhaps it is. All the experts are trying to speak positively in saying that recovery will take years. For sure, this is bigger than the United States or the European Union, especially if it goes into full collapse. I believe that a full collapse is the scenario that will bring in the Antichrist.  The description the Bible provides certainly looks very desperate:

When the Lamb broke the third seal, I heard the third living being say, “Come!” I looked up and saw a black horse, and its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard a voice from among the four living beings say, “A loaf of wheat bread or three loaves of barley will cost a day’s pay. And don’t waste the olive oil and wine.” Revelation 6:5-6

The scales indicate exchange or trade, the loaf of bread shows inflation, and then the olive oil and wine represent the increased value of these items in the eyes of those living through this crisis. An intervention by a world leader who has a plan will be much welcomed.

Economic crisis is a sign of the end times. Those who put their trust in their wealth will find great disappointment. Challenging times are coming, no one will deny that, but even in the chaos, we can have peace. Knowing Jesus and knowing the plan will bring great peace. Finding our place in that plan will take us further than peace and into a realm of joy. This is what is cool—having peace and joy when everything around us, including the world, is falling apart. This is an awesome time for us to reach out to others with the love, peace, and joy of God. If you don’t know Jesus personally, I invite you to visit our Roman Road page. He’s waiting for you.


Topic: World Economic Collapse: Is This The End?

mark vs. mark

Date: 08/26/2011 | By: mijadedios

The bible is clear its a physical mark to a system in order to buy or sell. A Christian, a true born again believer can't be duped to take it, also there is mention of Gods angels going forth Warning people Not to take it, doing so will be accepting Satan. Leave behind Tim Lahaye theology and get back to the bible.


Date: 08/22/2011 | By: tiacarolann

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According to Skolfield, “Bible prophecy shows that we are now in the final time of trial coming upon the earth. The final enemy of us all is clawing at the gates and we’re trying to be at peace with them. The Church is preaching, "We'll all be raptured out before the bad stuff happens,' but it isn't so."
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end times..mark

Date: 08/22/2011 | By: tiacarolann

Hi Dude.. from a fellow born again believer in S. Fl. ( disclaimer: I am on staff with )
My question is regarding the 'mark of the beast'. Since scripture proves Gods mark is a spiritual mark Ezekiel 9:4 & 6 Later,' the writer of Chronicles, a historian, saw the same event, but he didn’t see the mark. So why was Ezekiel able to see spiritual marks, but the writer of Chronicles wasn’t? Well, the writer of Chronicles saw things as they were in the material world. Ezekiel saw angels in his vision, so he was seeing into the spiritual world. Don't all Christians also have a mark ?(aren't
we sealed) by the Holy Spirit? (2 Co 1:22, Eph 1:13, Eph 4:30) But you don't see that seal on anyone, do you?'
2 Co 1:22, Eph 1:13, Eph 4:30 Revelation 7:3 & 14:1
( all quotes from )

So my question, how can something forced onto our body (RFID chip or other 'mark' ) suddenly erase God's divinely place spiritual mark ?
My contention is that nothing done to our flesh, for example under stupidity, anesthesia or dental or however, will be able to change or eternal destiny.
thanks and I will check back for your reply..

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