Amazing speech as Rear Admiral Lee claims Christianity under assault in U.S. military

05/09/2013 07:48

A few days ago, at a National Day of Prayer gathering in Washington D.C., Coast Guard Rear Admiral William Lee ditched his prepared speech, and delivered a scathing indictment of federal rules regarding religion in the military. The video has just now become available.

“Right now,” Lee said, “As we speak, leaders like myself are feeling the constraints of rules and regulations and guidance issued down by lawyers and it puts us in a tighter and tighter box regarding our constitutional right to express our religious faith. As one General so aptly put it, they expect us to check our religion at the door. Don’t bring that here.’”

He went on to describe a situation where he violated military rules by giving a Bible to a suicidal enlisted man.

“Who can tell that young man who is downtrodden and on his last legs - who has no hope - to go make an appointment to see the chaplain? Go get in line and wait when the opportunity right now exists. Yet if I do something such as I did just several weeks ago when I was looking into the face of a young man - 20 some years old - who had 18 months before put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger….and survived. When I looked at that young man and I heard his story, the rules said send him to the Chaplain. My heart said get this man a Bible.”

“I’m coming out today to tell you: I am not going to run from my religious freedoms - my right under the Constitution to tell a young man that there is hope.”

Rear Admiral Lee deserves our gratitude and praise. Not only for his service, but for his willingness to place his belief in the Constitution ahead of the bureaucratic rules which might otherwise bind him. This is bold stuff, since as the Rear Admiral points out, the higher you rise in the military chain of command, the more vulnerable you become to attack from ant-religious, politically correct, forces both inside and outside of the military.

Hopefully, there are a lot more men like Lee serving throughout all five branches of our armed forces.

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