California Earthquake: Scientists Predict Quake, Tsunami That Could Kill Tens Of Thousands

03/19/2014 07:40
A California earthquake with the strength to kills tens of thousands of people and cause $70 billion in damage could be on the way, scientists are predicting. In a study published last year, scientists said that if a 9.0 earthquake were to strike along the state’s North Coast it would have a...

4.4 earthquake near L.A. could be 'foreshock' for bigger shake

03/17/2014 21:58
The magnitude 4.4 earthquake that struck near Westwood is the most significant shake in Southern California since a 5.5 earthquake hit Chino Hills in 2008, a U.S. Geological Survey seismologist told reporters at a news conference Monday morning. Robert Graves said there have been at least six...

Threat of monster California quake bigger than thought, researchers say

03/14/2014 22:03
The Cascadia fault line off the northern coast of California could cause even greater destruction and death than scientists previously believed.  Scientists said that a major earthquake along northern California's Cascadia fault could cause more destruction and death than previously...

Epicenter of frost quake and ‘mystery boom’ found in northwest schoolyard

03/11/2014 19:12
CANADA – The epicenter of what’s now believed to be a ‘frost quake’, has been located in northwest Calgary. A group of researchers was able to pinpoint the location with help from an amateur seismologist who recorded the quake’s seismic signature on his home-built basement machine. On Saturday, a...

Bangladeshi worker swallowed alive by sinkhole

03/08/2014 09:41
ALOR GAJAH: A worker was buried alive after he slipped into a sinkhole at a heavy vehicle terminal here. Alamgir Kemal, 25, a Bangladeshi, was working at the terminal in Durian Tunggal here when he was believed to have fallen into the three-metre deep pit under his feet on Thurs­day. The...

Clue to earthquake lightning mystery

03/06/2014 21:22
Mysterious lightning flashes that appear to precede earthquakes could be sparked by movements in the ground below, US scientists say. Unidentified glowing objects were spotted moments before major quakes in China and Italy recently. These flickers could be triggered by shifting soil layers which...

Seven Earthquakes Rattle Oklahoma

03/03/2014 17:52
Seven earthquakes were reported in Oklahoma from Saturday to early Sunday. The first was a 2.1 magnitude earthquake shortly after midnight on Saturday. It occurred one mile southwest of Stillwater. An earthquake with a magnitude of 2.0 and depth of three miles struck one mile southwest of Langston...

Deputy recalls the earth 'growling' at sinkhole site

03/01/2014 07:49
Seffner, Florida -- These days we are more sensitive about sinkholes than in years past, because of a terrifying incident that occurred one year ago today. That's when the earth opened up under a home in Seffner, swallowing a man by the name of Jeff Bush. The homes are gone. The property is...

Pensioner feared being buried alive after eight foot sinkhole traps car

02/27/2014 22:19
Jean Lugton, 73, was horrified after her Corsa got stuck in the two foot wide chasm which appeared as she waited at a set of traffic lights. The elderly woman was rescued by a group of passing students who managed to lift the car out of the sinkhole and police cordoned off the street. The dramatic...

Sinkholes Swallow More After UK's Big Storms

02/24/2014 22:02
 Sinkholes are becoming five to 10 times more common in the wake of a series of winter storms in the United Kingdom, sending cars and even parts of homes tumbling into the earth, according to The Guardian. It's no surprise that extra-wet weather could cause sinkholes, which occur when the...

Earthquake Strikes Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee

02/23/2014 20:58
– An earthquake today has struck Missouri and was close to Arkansas and Tennessee as well. The Missouri earthquake today February 22, 2014 began in the morning hours. Damage assessment is pending. Officials tell news that a 2.5 magnitude Missouri earthquake today struck just after 8:43 am PST...

USGS Reports 4 Small Earthquakes Overnight Near Stillwater OK

02/23/2014 20:39
STILLWATER, Oklahoma - The U.S. Geological Survey reported two earthquakes last night near Stillwater and two near Langston early Sunday morning. The four earthquake magnitudes ranged from 3.0 to 3.5 throughout Payne and Logan counties. The first earthquake was recorded around 9:11 p.m. Saturday...
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We aren't promised to know the exact day or time for when the end will come, but just as we know the signs for seasonal changes, we can "read" certain signs that help us to know that we are entering the season for the rapture of the church, the tribulation, and His return to earth. In Jesus' discourse about the endtimes in Matthew 24, one of those signs are earthquakes. For some of Prophecy Dude's teaching on earthquakes, go to the "Tags" section on the News and Tweets page and click on earthquakes. There you will find a list of blogs that treat that subject.

On this page you will find updated feeds on earthquakes over the previous seven days with magnitudes of 5 and greater. A map feed is also provided to assist with identifying the location of these earthquakes. The picture below illustrates the concentration of earthquakes along fault lines and continental plate borders. Often Volcanoes are associated with tectonic plates especially in areas where they "rub' one another.

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